Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Early Morning Update

So watching those sympathy shows (and some of them being of the girly tear-jerk variety) I saw a symptom of a condition which really hit home:

"Older children and adults with [this disability] perform worse on tests of face recognition."

I of course became highly paranoid. I'm notoriously bad at recognizing people, even close friends, if they go through dramatic superficial changes. Most peoples though process is as follows:

This person looks familiar.
This is Martha.
Martha's hair is different.

my process is usually:

This person is looks familiar.
This person is looking at me like I know them.
Is that Martha?

Of course this doesn't happen too often with people I know well... but with people I don't see very often it happens all the time.

I locked myself out of my apartment Friday night. I had walked back from Rea's after swimming. I needed my magnetic card in order to get into the building, the magnetic card that I keep in my wallet, the wallet I didn't take with me swimming.

Conveniently my roommates were off gallivanting in hickvilles across the province... So I couldn't buzz to wake them up. Also, the 24-hour security on our building... is.. well... LAME... no one answered the phone... So I did what any logical person would.

I ventured out into the cold once again (at 2.30am, mind you). Skulking through the shadows I approached the ground floor suite of one of the nearby apartments. I then proceeded to bang on the window, waking the inhabitant of the apartment, and demanded they provide me a place to sleep. Never even considering no for an answer, I proceeded to make fun of their choice of video games, and pass out on their couch and sleep in as late as I possibly could (I could have woken up much much earlier, but making someone feel like a prisoner in their own home is a lot more fun).

This person, of course, ended up being Morgan... And I probably scared her half to death when I was banging on her windows (not that she lives in a sketch neighborhood or anything...

Define screening your calls? I never answer my phone if it's a number I don't recognize, but I don't really see that as screening. Especially since if I'm at home, my phone is not usually in a place where I'll notice it ring.

To make matters worse, the person who accused me of screening my calls, and (implied) being a flake is... well... kind of a hypocrite

And it's not that I'm intentionally missing his calls, not that I feel I have much to say. I'm not particularly keen on jumping back into a friendship that hasn't existed for two years, particularly when he (more or less) said "btw I'm not gonna give you any contact information" right before he left.

I wish my eczema would go away. It's gross. I like winter and all, but when you get patches of dry irritated skin that react poorly to dry cold weather (to the point where it's often painful to go outside), you don;t really get a chance to enjoy it.

At least the view from my apartment is nice.

1 comment:

morgan said...

do you even KNOW a martha? isn't that a pretend name made up for george's wife in dennis the menace?! (martha stewart... pfff... pleeease. FICTIONAL!)
(not really rofl. it seemed fitting though) you DID, in fact, scare me half to death. SO YOU KNOW! haha. but thanks for the shout out and... was that... appreciation? haha.
you can be upset or 'over it' as much as you want to be... it's a right you have as a person. however, as long as you're not just being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn. life is too short... and friends are too important. i do understand your point, and i don't think that means that you have to jump at making an effort, BUT people do change and you should at least hear what he has to say... maybe it'd be worth it.
"...patches of dry irritated skin..." umm... GROSS?!