Sunday, March 23, 2008

Work is Wprk

So I kinda quit working at the warehouse.

Monday I wasn't feeling well, but the foreman guilted me into staying my full shift.

Tuesday I woke up and still wasn't feeling peachy keen, so I phoned in to tell them I wouldn't be there.

Wednesday I woke up and felt better for having missed a day at the warehouse so I decided to take another. Thankfully I got the answering machine so I didnt have to play sick.

Wednesday afternoon I decided that having that many days off it was going to be rough to get back into the schedule so...

Thursday morning I just didn't go.

OH NOES! A no-call no-show! That's going to go on my record...

So I don't work there anymore... Just gotta get my roommate to take in my nametags when he goes to work.

The good news is I'm not unemployed... In 8 hours I will be at the Golf Course again! Yay!

yup... that's an update.


-J said...

Well enjoy being back, though how you can just walk away sometimes from a job and not go back is completely beyond me, I feel bad when taking a sick day let alone several turning into not showing up.

neal said...

Steps for Walking Away from a Job

1) Find a job that is a) boring b) repetative c) offers no sense of accomplishment, achievement, or advancement
2)Get harassed constantly for doing things while others doing the same thing to a greater extent are left to their own devices(based on the seniority system)

Anonymous said...

3) Go through life with an "eye for an eye" attitude, and have little concern for how much impact your actions may actually have on another

morgan said...

i've gotta say that i agree with justin. it really wouldn't matter how shitty a job was or how badly i felt they treated me, i would still give my 2 weeks notice... because sometimes your job is shitty because other people don't show up and then you have to deal with crabby bosses and extra work to do... and by just up-and-leaving, somebody else is now going to have to go through the same thing...
BUT, it is not for me to make you feel bad (as IF i could! ;) )
have fun at the GC! i heard there's a new 'boss' to replace kent. is he hot? i need to know if there's anything to look forward to

neal said...

lol anonymous

Crap job is crap. Relief was only thing I felt when I decided I wasn't going back.

As for the golf course, I don't think most of the ladies would consider newJamie (Jamie2?) unfortunate in appearance. He's a lot more relaxed then Kent (and he was the one spilling varnish everywhere, thank god).

Kent stopped by with Chrystal... no Zoie.