Sunday, April 06, 2008


Bad pic, I know... But I had a nerdgasm so the pic quality is irrelevant.

On a side note, work is great. New boss is different. Work load is getting a little gross (removing grass becomes a little repetitive, but at least I have good conversation while we work). New sod comes in a week... eww. The members at the course plan on helping... "helping"... Bless their hearts but I'll believe it when I see it...

Went to beerfest. Cheap beer. It was like I was in first year again. Saw michael rault. He wasn't with his backup band (weird) so I might have to make another attempt before I pass judgement, but it left a little to be desired... maybe not, but it wasnt what i was expecting...

I'm seeing a financial planner, who's going to be discussing what sort of RRSP's are within my budget... if they are at all XD Should be interesting.

And... umm... yup

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